"Through skillful use of Jessica's unique artistic talents, a relaxed ambiance pervaded the entire office from the waiting room to the lab as well as the exam rooms and IV suite."  "... who by dint of instinct, talent. perspicacity, and tenacity created a business transformed into a cause that improved the health of the community. Malleable yet sharp intellect will prove an asset in any endeavor."

- Philip B. Meadow, D.O. 

"My insanely talented friend and former boss, Jessica Lyn Kennedy, is hands down the best artist I’ve ever come across, and was the best boss I’ve ever had!

 (The woman let me paint my office; what turned out to be a light, almost “my little pony” purple, so it would prettier and make me a happy employee. I mean, what boss does that?!?)

She’d bring in flowers and was constantly doing things to bring out the beauty in what really was a pretty depressing environment; rheumatology isn’t exactly the prettiest of specialties.

I couldn’t be more proud of her for accomplishing all she has. 

When we finally have our forever home, I’ll absolutely be commissioning some of her beautiful paintings.

She’s going to do such phenomenal things!"

- Marie Zipp, LPN

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