As I moved into my new studio, I soon realized that something was desperately missing. 

- plants? Check.

- comfy chair? Check.

- art supplies? Check.

- art? Check.

- iMac? Check.

- vintage teal fan? Check.

... so what was I forgetting?



The walls inside my studio space were painted a bland white, as all studio walls are I suppose. 

But it wasn't Jess. 

I believe your most valuable asset is your imagination;

and you're space

wherever it may be 

should be the best expression of yourself.

I arrived at Home Depot at precisely 8:48pm (closing time: 9pm- HURRY!) to purchase the most perfect shade of pink. It had to match the cover of my newest, and favorite, read, "All In Good Taste" by Kate Spade.

I brought the book inside the store  with me and compared it to every shade of blush they had to offer.

and eventually, I found it!

"Gumdrop Pink" was it's name and so I bought an entire gallon of  that wonderful stuff and 

checked out just in the nick of time!

(and then I literally ran to my car with such a rush of excitement because I was heading

straight to my studio space to pull an all nighter painting-party with some

fellow studio mates!)

Check it out...



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