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it's jess.

I am a right brain thinker, lover of art, designed to encourage, discover and learn through the beauty of creation. 

I have always been the "creative" one. I grew up in a small country town two hours south of Atlanta. I moved to the city Columbus, GA to work and go to school. I spent a semester living in Florence, Italy and some of my favorite memories take me back to those days abroad. Because I worked a full time job in the healthcare industry and as a medical practice manager, it took me nearly 6 dang years to finish my Fine Art Degree. 


After college, I began painting part-time and founded The Columbus Collective with three other local artists. We're redefining the meaning of art culture by cultivating creative spaces and new pathways for artists in our community!

Something you might not know about me is that I am a wife, a dog mom to four rescues, a cat mom to one and hoarder of couch pillows. I really enjoy creating art that brings out the happiness in our everyday life. 

Dr. Philip Meadow

Through the skillful use of Jessica's artistic talents, a relaxed ambiance pervaded the entire office from the patient waiting room to the lab as well as the exam rooms and IV suite. 

A small business cannot succeed without the values of honest, integrity and grit, which Jessica exemplified.

Marie Zipp, LPN

"My insanely talented friend and former boss, Jessica Lyn Kennedy, is hands down the best artist I’ve ever come across, and was the best boss I’ve ever had!

She’d bring in flowers and was constantly doing things to bring out the beauty in what really was a pretty depressing environment; rheumatology isn’t exactly the prettiest of specialties.

I couldn’t be more proud of her for accomplishing all she has. She’s going to do such phenomenal things!"

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