Project start date: Summer 2016

Exhibition Date: May 2018

The first question I usually get is "WHY?" What in the world made me want to grow moss on a red velvet Victorian couch?

Well, I'm crazy.

(okay, seriously) I really wanted to create an environment that is inviting and comfortable in order to support and enhance our quality of life. In order to convey this simple message, it means taking all aspects of interior spaces and design into consideration.

When creating this piece, I decided to elaborate on the importance of furniture inside an interior space.

The addition of moss and greenery was necessary in terms of design. The plants offer a natural element to my work which expresses my passion for creating healthy environments that fuel happiness.

Moss just so happens to be one of the most temperamental phenomenons in nature and so it was extremely challenging trying to control its natural environment by forcing it to grow, live and thrive on a red velvet victorian couch...

Persistence and dedication is how I managed to get through this breakthrough and I'm glad I didn't give up because the end result was extremely rewarding. 

The moss now lives and thrives on this beautiful piece of furniture and currently resides in a good friends backyard paradise. 

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