The Rococo Era, one of my personal favorites!

It was an exuberantly decorative 18th century European Style that initiated the desire and need for interior design and the art of decoration.

 I am drawn to the expressive characteristics of Rococo. It's elaborate style focused specifically on creating  decorative home furnishings and ornamental accents that ultimately questioned the meaning of art.

Can furniture be art?

It was this style that inspired me to combine the beautiful elements of nature with highly ornate Victorian styled furniture. 


I began this project Summer of 2016 when I found a listing on Craigslist for red velvet victorian couch for $100 and I just had to have it. 

I decided to use moss as the natural element in my piece because I wanted something that would eventually take over my piece of furniture

and for it be beautiful.

Compositionally, it was the vibrant green tones that attracted me to moss considering the red velvet and green moss are complimentary to one another.

Moss just so happens to be one of the most temperamental phenomenons that grows naturally in nature; 

and yet,

there I was wanting to get it to grow, live and thrive on a red velvet victorian couch.


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